Model Merge/Change Script


When performing model merge, alter script…, after the required differences are selected I can select to create the alter script or merge the model then press Execute. The convertor dialog closes once the operation has completed.
If I perform the merge and want an alter script I need to go through the compare and select required differences again. It would be helpful if either;

  1. alter script + merge option was available
  2. convertor dialog did not close after execute


Hi Malcolm,

number 2 is right option.Try button in center of the form.Looks like x in red circle.It’s for Close After Finish.Default is close form after finish,if you change state of this button,than you have form still available.


Hi Tomas
Thanks for the info - just what I needed.

In fact it is not quite what I wanted as the comparison has been refreshed.
I was hoping to be able to generate the both alter script and merged model.
Maybe I need to do the alter script first? - I’ll try it sometime.

Hello Malcolm,

Yes, it’s not possible to generate alter script and at the same time do the model merge of one model (model 1 or model 2).
You can either generate alter script and then do the model merge or you can merge to a new model (- the existing model will not be refreshed) and then generate the alter script.

In any case, as Tomas advised, you can keep the Convertor dialog open and perform the tasks one after another.

If you have any questions, please write us back. Thanks.