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Model remains unchanged after macro execution


This is. Model remains unchanged after macro execution, and for example, a table is added. I have to make a “dummy” change to model and then I can save it.


Biel B.

Oops! I’ve just seen this other post:

Will CR#85924 be available on next updates?


Biel B.

Hello Biel,
it is implemented in Beta now. In next full version will be available in version 4.3(Should be available during september, freeware version will be later).

You need use in Macro code: Model.SetModified(true);



This feature is still not there in v6.1.3.26. Although, I am happy that I found this workaround.

Hi Chemerson,

It is not possible automatic detect if macro makes some changes to model. Mark model as modified after each macro run can be wrong, because macro can be only read only.

In version 4.3 was added command “Model.SetModified(true);” and creator of macro can determine if he want to mark model as modified.

Regards Daril