Modify standard HTML/PDF Report

How can I modify the standard MS SQL TDM PDF Report , specifically, I want to keep only ER Diagram and Entities, also in Entities page I only want to keep the Attributes table and get rid of the General Info, Relationships and Keys tables since I find them cluttering. Please I am a new comer to this world, reading customizing reports in the user guide left me puzzled, I am looking for a simple way for this, even if it entails brute force editing. Incidentally, how can I edit basic report scripts which are currently readonly.

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if you want to do numerous changes then I suggest you to create new XSL template and generate XML file that can be open in MS Word. It may contain also hyperlinks that will work in MS Word as well as PDF (if you find it OK to re-save the report to PDF in Microsoft Office).

Please read this blog entry:

If you know XML/XSLT then it may be faster to write template for customized MS Word XML file.

More information about XSL Transformations can be found in Help and also at: and