Monitor changes (INSERTs, UPDATEs, DELETEs) in a certain TABLE possible?

Assume I have a TABLE karl.table123

I want to monitor now all changes which occur from a certain time onwards.

So I would like to have a button/menu “START monitoring” and a button/menu “STOP monitoring”.

When I press (after previous START) the STOP button then all table data column cells should be highlighted in red which were
changed during the monitor period.

Deleted records should appear in light (or italic) font to indicate deletion.

Is this somehow possible with Toad?


You can do this by creating an audit policy on the table. Note this is different from a “Unified Audit Policy”.

To do this in Toad, rt-click on the table, choose Add -> Audit Policy. If you want to capture the sql statement, choose “DB Extended” for the Audit Trail. If you just choose “DB” then it will just capture the fact that a statement was run, but not the actual statement.