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I wonder if any debugging goes on before TDA (any version) is released?

I received this error just writing SQL in the editor. Before any further (enhancements) are done to TDA, I think a release of just bug fixes would be a great first step forward. Could this release be 3.2.5?

The version I am using is This particular version seems to be popping up more errors than the previous release.


Sure. But we can’t fix a bug that is not reproducable. We fix all bugs that we find in development and QA testing but of course we can not test every combination for all SQL on all providers.

Can you provide the conneciton type and the SQL that produces the error? We would need your help on this. I know it must seem buggy to you as you are running into something. But I use the product every day and do not see this issue.


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While I do appreciate your view and the fact that you are very helpful, it seems all I have to do is just write code. I do not have to execute it and the program errors out.
When the program displayed the error, I had this code: AND NOT (t1.fin_trans_type IN (‘B’,‘R’)
When I went to put a hard return after the first (, so it would look like:
t1.fin_trans_type IN (‘B’,‘R’)
The error displayed.

Sorry, I first wrote this in Word.

What type of database are you connected to? Oracle, SQL Server, etc. If Oracle how are you connected? ODBC, OCI or DirectConnect?

What versioin of TDA are you using?


Oracle 11g, Connected via Oracle TNSora. TDA

I had our QA try to reproduce this issue in your versin of TA as well as myself and we can't get the error. I suspect that the issue is somewhere else in the script you are using. I really need to get a copy of the whole script when you have the error. You can send to me privately at

You can also try these three things.

  1. The navigtoin window on the side parses the whole script to show the types of SQL and help you navigate. This mabe erroring. You can turn this off using Options | Editor | Tools.

  2. The parser is also used when generating code completion. This can be turned off using Options | Code Completion | Auto List Members.

  3. Send me a comlete sample script and I will send through parser test site.


Debbie Peabody has taken this issue head on. She has provided the fix.

It appears a new parser dll was needed to fix my issue. Before this fix I could not keep the program from freezing up and displaying errors.

Kudos - BIG time to Debbie for her assistance and her team as well!