Moving Data From DB2/SQL Server to Oracle Via Toad

Dear Fellow Toad Users,

Does anyone know if there is a built in logic in Oracle (via Toad Software) to
import data directly from DB2 or SQL Server tables to Oracle database? We have
three main data sources from conversion, they are DB2, SQL Server,and files
(mainframe VSAM files or other files), we need to move data to Oracle PeopleSoft
database (11gR2). I knew Toad for Data Analysts is multi-platform product that
can be used to connect to DB2, SQL Server and Oracle databases at same time.
However, no one has used it here. Does anyone has documentation handy to share
with? Thanks in advance.

In addition, my company has Artisan Embarcadero DB Artisan, however, I would
like developers to use Data Analysts if possible because we have Toad for Oracle
Xpert Edition licenses for all developers.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!