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Moving toad data modeler from one server to another


I have installed Toad data modeler licensed version on my local machine, now i would like to move it to different server. What is the procedure for that? Can I just install Modeler on the server and use the same license key? Or do i need to disable the key first on my local machine and add it back on the server once i move it.

Please share any documentation regarding.

Your answer will be highly appreciated.

1st - make sure you have a copy of your key and site message handy.

2nd - uninstall Toad Data Modeler from your current machine. You may want to back up any models you have created before doing this so you don’t lose your work.

3rd - Install Toad Data Modeler on your new machine, enter your license key information and you should be up and running.

If you saved your ‘old’ models you should be able to open them up on the new machine.


Thanks Mark, it worked.