MySQL connection

Has anyone got an example of MySQL connection parameters. I’ve tried to set one up but just keeps saying it can’t connect. A screenshot of an example would be best - think it must be something simple I’m missing

Make sure you have the correct port.

I work next to the sys admin for Foglight and he pulled up the configuration pages for Foglight and it showed the port as 13306 - which is what I entered as you have 3306 above. He’s not 100% sure of the database password though - Would I get the same error if the password was incorrect?

What is the error you are getting. Can you post screenshot of your connection and error message?

The error is 'Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.'

Connection details are:

I don’t think it is a password issue. The database would send back a more specific message. It looks like you are not getting to the server. Try using the IP address instead of the host name.

I’ll try that, thanks Debbie - but I can ping the server name and get a response so I’m guessing using the IP won’t make any difference?

Tested - same error :frowning:

So we have eliminated the host as the issue. The only other thing to resolve is the port. When the port is wrong you would get this error. You will need to get with your admin to get the correct port number.