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Trouble connecting to MySQL 4.1.22 with Toad for DA v2.7 and beta 3.0


Hi, our CIO is having problems getting Toad for DA v2.7 and 3.0 connected to our MySQL 4.1.22 database (however, v2.6 works fine). Every time he tries to connect he receives the following error message.

Statusbar:3/17/2011 1:19:19 PM: MySQL Database Error: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘ecwcognos’ (10061): No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it (Remembered answer: “OK”. Enable)

Our initial thought is that Toad is using the ‘wrong’ port to connect? The error message shows that the connection was refused on port 3306. However, our database, and within TOAD, is set to use port 4928.

Has anyone run into any issues with TOAD using a non-default port?


Did you change the port number in the conneciton properties to 4928?



For a while we had a problem connecting to MySQL 4.x in TDA. I know it is fixed for the 3.0 release, but I don’t remember if it was fixed for the TDA 2.7 release. I seem to recall that the error message you got clearly said that the issue was that you were connecting to MySQL 4.x though so this is probably not the case here.


Hi. Yes - the port is 4928. We can connect fine with TDA v2.6, but still getting that “actively refused” error with v2.7.


The problem is that you are connecting to MySQL 4.1 I think. I seem to remember we introduced an issue connecting to 4.x versions of the MySQL server. One thing you can do see if it works is to switch over to use one of these connection methods: SSH Proxy, HTTP Tunnel or HTTP Proxy. These should not have any issue with MySQL 4.1.