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MYSQL Reverse Egineering


Hello TDM community,

I want to to perform a referse egineering on a mysql 5.0 database. I am using the native connection [servername, user, password] and getting an error message: “Error loading library libmysql.dll”

I saved that dll file in the TDM bin folder, still same error message. what I need to do ?



Hello Ilja,

It should work fine, we’ve just checked it out.
To make sure, the library is here:
C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler 3\Bin

You got the error and then saved the dll file there. Did you restart TDM? If not, please do so.

You can also try TCP/IP connection.

Please let me know if the restart of TDM solved the problem.


Vladka + TDM Team


the connection worked now, I can see 4 tables but when trying to finish the process I got another error message, I attached a screenshot about it.

Could solve it, problem was I had no rights on functions and procedures. thanks for your help.


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Hello Ilja,

If you haven’t rights on functions and procedures, please do not select them to load during RE (What to Reverse page in the RE Wizard, deselect the particular checkboxes).

Let us know if it helped.