MySql version unstable, expired beta

I downloaded the latest (Feb 2010?) version of Toad for MySQL… If I leave it run for a while I have to kill the process in order to stop it as it hangs just sitting there.

(I’ve used the Oracle version and it is great… Stable and enjoyable to use…)

The link:

Lets you download the beta, after going to the work of doing that, it tells me that the beta is over… But yet, the only version that is out there is Before the beta… And half a year ago…

I was using the free version and I guess it must have detected a new version out there or something as when I ran it at 8:00 it was fine, but running it after 10 or so it just closed and ran some stupid web page… No message saying the demo period expired or anything… That is why I downloaded the beta…

Based on this experience, there isn’t any way in HECK that I’ll recommend this software to the company that I’m working for (which does 2-3 billion / year, so it is a tiny company :wink: )

What a load of crap, at least, as far as I can tell… It seems to have gone from a good product to crap in the last year or two… (Not exactly sure the version of the Oracle one that I was running but it was great!)


The freeware version is not a “demo” and does not expire, unlike the beta you downloaded. I’m not sure what issue you were having but version 5.0 of the Toad for MySQL freeware is scheduled for release at the end of October 2010.