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Toad for Oracle 12.5 expired after 10 days of use...

All, I downloaded and installed Toad for Oracle Freeware (Version 12.5, 64-bit) on 6/25/2014 and got an expiry notice dialog on start-up of the application this morning. Since there was only 2 weeks or so of sporadic use, I de-installed, re-downloaded and re-installed the application but, alas, the result is the same expiry notice dialog.

Is this a known issue with the new version of Toad for Oracle Ver 12.5?

Also how do I get around this problem and get Toad for Oracle running again?

I just downloaded 12.5 freeware (64-bit) and everything looks correct to me. What does the date say in the upper left hand corner of the window?


Ugh, possible duplicate. Respond by email isn’t working for me…

Did you download the freeware or a trial? The freeware has expiration date of July 1, 2015. I’m able to execute it without issue.

Looks as though this issue was fixed with a new release of the Freeware on July 3. My newer version that I was trying had been downloaded earlier than that. All appears to be right with the Toady Freeware world now. I also show Jul 1, 2015 with the July 3 version.