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Naming Convention Rules Suggestion

It would be extremely useful if the Prefix / Suffix columns supported using a glossary in addition to a single option. For example we have roughly 15 approved suffixes for Entity/Table names. It would be great if we could create a Glossary for Entity Suffixes and then associate it with the Entity Suffix in the Naming Convention Rule so the tool could point out tables that do not follow our naming conventions. It would also be great if when a Glossary was associated as a Prefix / Suffix of an Object it would only replace the term if it actually was a Prefix or Suffix. For example one of our Entity Suffixes is Aggregate=AGG. If I had that in a Glossary associated with Entity Suffixes, then created a table with a Caption of "Aggregate Code Reference" the name would not be changer to "AGG_CODE..." because the word Aggregate was not the suffix in this case. It would also be ideal if this supported not just single words but also phrases, as another of our standard Entity suffixes is "Cross Reference"=XRF. We also have a set of Class Suffixes for Attributes.

Hopefully other see value in this capability