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Navigator fails on body package, crashes on refresh


This does not happen with all of our packages, but most of them - when I open them in TOAD (, the “first tab” opens fine, navigator looks good, can refresh without issue - but the second tab (package body) the navigator tab is blank, though the file itself looks fine. I click refresh (in the package body tab), and it crashes (not instantly, spinning wheel of death, Windows 10 Pro, still going after 10 minutes).

Fresh download of the Beta, had just opened it, so options should be default. If there is some specific debug information or anything you’d like, let me know. I opened a bunch, and I can’t find any consistent thing between the files that “work” and “don’t” to distinguish them from each other, it just seems to be random.


There is an ongoing issue running Code Analysis on some code at the moment. In your case the workaround may be to disable the “Check rules as you type” option on the Code Analysis page in Options. Let me know if you continue seeing issues after disabling.


You will need to kill this running Toad session though, unfortunately. It will never return.


No problem, was just testing it out anyway - and yes, that was definitely the issue, will disable that in the meantime. Thanks!


also i realized that CPU was high, 40% used by toad, after disabling this option it returns normal .