Session Browser - Auto Refresh issue

Toad for Oracle Base (32-bit)

If you are on Session Browser with auto refresh set to a lowish interval and click Current Statement, on a large amount of SQL, where the formatting time exceeds the auto refresh interval, Toad can get stuck and become unusable / not responding.

Thanks. I can reproduce this. I'm making a change so that there is always some breathing room (whatever your refresh interval is) between refreshes.

Well, I can reproduce something.

I never got Toad to hang if I just left Session Browser open/refreshing at a 5 second interval, but I can easily get it to get "behind" if I quickly click from one session to another on the left. The right hand side wants to run SQL for everything I've clicked on. For me it always eventually finished, but maybe these things are related. As far as I can tell, the left-hand-side refresh timer only restarts when the prior run is finished (including formatting).

Do you have access to version 17.0? I can put a change in for next beta, but you'll only be able to run/test the beta if the latest version (currently 17.0) is also installed. New betas are released each Monday and you can get them here.


Hi John

Yes, I have access to v17 and do partake in the Beta, so I'll give it a try