Nested Table Edit always shows one row

It is difficult to distinct between an empty nested table and one that contains a NULL row.
Both show one empty row.


SELECT NEW tab() AS cnt0, NEW tab( NULL ) AS cnt1 FROM dual;


Could you hide this row? Guess a row could be added using [+] if the table was not immutable.


I'm not sure if that's going to be possible, but I can check. This behavior is built into the components we're using here. I do see a difference though - the buttons on the navigator on the right are enabled when a row is present, disabled when not.

A status bar at the bottom showing how many records are present would be helpful.

Update 12/9/2019: Status bar added in Toad for Oracle 13.3 Beta

Yes, it's visible when they are next to each other.

I usually don't need this editor, but I was testing a function that returns such a table and returned an empty row when it should have returned an empty collection. I fixed the problem, but it still looked like there was a row returned afterwards.