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Beta Released (14.2.93)

Beta Release 14.2.93 is now available.


Change Log

Why does the program itself download the version for 05.31.2021?

I've seen the old get stuck in cache sometimes. Clicking the "Download" link above seems to work better.

I see... It's just that the download in the browser is monitored by the security service, but not in the program itself...

We're looking at it internally. I couldn't tell from your message....are you able to download through the website?

Yes, I am. Thanks.

Here the problem with nested table view/edit.
2021-06-09 12_23_31-Nested Table Edit_ PSIPLIST
2021-06-09 12_24_43-Nested Table Edit_ PSIPLIST

TYPE TIPLIST as table of varchar2(32 char)

tenorio, I'm not sure what you're trying to tell me. Can you tell me some steps to produce the problem and exactly what is wrong? Thanks


create or replace type varchar32_table as table of varchar2(32 char);

create table test_nested_table_columns
  id integer generated always as identity,
  nested_table_column varchar32_table
nested table nested_table_column
  store as test_nested_table_columns_nt;

insert into test_nested_table_columns(nested_table_column)
     values (varchar32_table('123456', '234567'));


select *
  from test_nested_table_columns, table(nested_table_column)


Lost first character and when i try add new row to nested column in data grid "678910" the result string will not be the same

I see that. Thank you. It looks like it broke for 14.1. :frowning:

The good news is that it doesn't look broken for ALL nested tables. This one seems to work just fine.

drop table test_nested_object_table_columns;
drop type varchar32_obj_table;
drop type varchar32_object;

CREATE TYPE varchar32_object AS OBJECT (Str VARCHAR2(32 char));
CREATE TYPE varchar32_obj_table AS TABLE OF varchar32_object;

CREATE TABLE test_nested_object_table_columns (
id integer generated always as identity,
nested_table_column varchar32_obj_table
NESTED TABLE nested_table_column STORE AS Obj_Content_Table;

INSERT INTO test_nested_object_table_columns ( nested_table_column) VALUES

INSERT INTO test_nested_object_table_columns ( nested_table_column) VALUES


The nested table problem is a bug in our Oracle Access Component library. I have reported the problem to them and supplied a demo application. You can see my post on their forum here. Hopefully they will have a solution for us soon.

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