Nested Tables in Oracle


FROM “OPS$PENLIMS8”.NAI_RESULTS r1, TABLE(r1.attributes) ra1

NVL (ra1.text_value, NULL) AS component_value

Thank you,
Pat Rauls


I can write SQL from ‘Editor’ dealing with nested tables but how do you deal with nested tables from ‘Query Builder’?

Here is the SQL I wrote:


Nested tables are considered an advanced feature and are not supported in the query builder.

You are actually the first person to have this need. Most data gathering and reporting don’t use nested tables or user defined objects. Is this something you would like to see as an enhancement? Or is executing in the editor sufficient?


I can live with using Editor for my nested table needs. The application I am writing SQL for uses several nested tables.

Thank you for your response!

Pat Rauls