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New icons

Looks like the icons have been changed recently and I think I’m going to like them.

The icon for triggers seems to be wrong (looks like a table instead):


And I’m really curious what the new icons for package spec and body mean. Why is the spec a full box, while the body is empty?


Pasting images from the clipboard into posts seems to work, but once the post is submitted the images are gone. Is this a known issue?

Hey Peter,

It looks like you tried to attach some images but I’m not seeing them. It looks like my adblocker was stopping them from showing.

What windows are you looking at the images in? That’ll help find the triggers one. Over the next betas I’ll hopefully have them straightened out more (and more added). I’ll check back to see if the images popup in a bit.

Hi Mike,

I think the problem is not on your side but with the forum editor (see my second post). I tried to edit them in, hope you see them now.

I see the icons in the Schema browser.

While we’re at it, there also seems to be a problem with transparency (white area within “p” visible in Navigator)



The icon next to a trigger indicates the base object type (in this case, a table). The old icon was similar.


Procedure icon has been fixed for the next beta.

Hi John,

I only looked at table triggers, so I did not notice that there are other icons for other types of triggers.
Since I usually only encounter these icons in the pick-list dropdown, and triggers are not displayed there anyways, that’s perfectly fine with me :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying!

Thanks Mike!

Any insight on the story behind the package icons?

The underwhelming story is that we only have two package icons (package and package body) right now. I’ll see if we can get something a little better going for this.

In 12.10 SB icons, the hatchet was “truncate” and scissors was “drop”. In 12.11 beta, those are reversed.

I rarely use those buttons because they’re scary dangerous for a constantly sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated, and easily-distracted DBA (and me, too!). But someone else might not notice the subtle shift.

Just sayin’… [:)]


Our QA has determined that we should flip these back to avoid confusion. They’ll be back to what they were previously for the next beta.

The package body icon is not an empty box, but an open one (as opposed to the closed one for the spec).

At least that’s how I have always seen them, and they were like that for a long time, to the best of my recollection.

But it does seem a bit strange to have the spec icon also open. A better way might be to use that icon (open box with several sheets of paper) for the body, and a closed box with maybe just a label sticked on top for the spec.

Best regards,