New Request: Show param number position in Code editor

I do not know if this is used by other DB developers or not. When a java developer tells me something is wrong with a stored procedure call and tell me the 22 argument is an issue. I do not know which is the 22nd column is and then i need to count all arguments of a procedure to know which argument they are talking about.

Some thing like this

Or in the gutter:

FYI, I do not have this issue in the db as I like Named Notation, but I can not convince others to do the same

The gutter and within the editor are going to be off limits without significant work given that this is a specific request unlikely to be useful to many. I'd suggest using the line numbers in the gutter if your code follows the one parameter per line shown in your screenshot. Locate the line containing the first parameter and the line containing the problem will be (FirstParamLine + ParamNumReportedByOtherDev) - 1. Then you won't need to count.

I know this is a low usefulness for many developers.

Instead of me counting, i just take the proc and past it into a new page and their is the param#

Maybe in the navigator

The Navigator would be an option. Easy to add, perhaps controlled via option, and not intrusive. I'll log.

EDIT: Ignore my earlier message here if you saw it. @JohnDorlon cleared up the ALL_ARGUMENTS.POSTITION for me. Numbering will start at 1. I'll look at getting it in this week.


For what it's worth, I'm adding IDs here also:

The next beta will have this. Rt-click on the Navigator and go into its options and turn it on.

awesome!! Fast turn around.

I am looking forward to this, I have these sorts of things often

Looks good, thank you