New to Toad Intelligence Central - User Admin

I’ve published my first script to the server. I noticed that I must use my AD network credentials as the server runs on an account that can’t access the network shares.

How does the server handle when users must change their network password? Obviously, making changes to the amount of scripts we run isn’t a valid option.

Any help/thoughts on this situation would be appreciated.


There is a Manage Script window. When you need to change your password use the Update Credentials action and it will update all scripts run under that log id.

Thanks Debbie - to be sure, does each user have to do this for themselves? Is there any way to have a single user do this for each AD user?

If you know the logid and password for each you can enter them. We do validate that they are correct. But usually the owner uses his own AD account and changes the password.

i have seen some shops create a special user that has access to networks and password never expires to manage all scripts. But that is something your group would need to get approval for.


We have just gone through a required password change, and I just want to make sure that I am not missing something.

When I go into the Script Manager, will changing the password on one automated script change the password on all automated scripts that are listed under that owner?

Also, is there a way to change both the username and password on all automated scripts under a single owner at one time? We are thinking about setting up a separate username/password for Toad automations that will not require a password change on a periodic basis, but if this would require a change to each automation, we might not make this change.

Thank you. Jeff.

Changing the password for one automation script in the script manager will change all the passwords for all scripts run by the same user.

We currently do not have a way to change username and password. However, if you open a support case I can have a developer see can provide some sql to run and update this.


Thank you for the quick response. Given that we can change all automation scripts for a given user at one time, I think we are going to keep our current usernames and just change the passwords when needed.

Having said that, if someone did develop this SQL, I would want to have access to it just in case…

This definitely answered my question - thanks again.


Was a script ever created for changing owner? I’d need to change ownership of quite a few items. Thanks.

Let’s clarify what owner you are referring to.

Are you talking about:

  1. The owner of the automation published script?

  2. The user id that is authenticated when you run the script?

  3. The user id that is used when connecting to a database?

Thanks for getting back so quick.

It is the owner I’m looking to switch. The other two items seem to be straight forward (right)?

Okay, Item one above. Let me get another developer to see if this can be handled easily by script.

P.S. In this thread my understanding was you wanted to change item 2 or 3.

Actually, need to change #1 - Owner

Hi Peter,

Owner of a script is a user that published the script to TIC and there is no way to change the owner. But you can republish the script using different user. To do that you will have to

  1. Open the script for editing.
  2. Save it locally.
  3. Connect to TIC under new user.
  4. Publish the script. You can publish under the old name.
    Now the user will be the new owner. You should understand that the republished script will not have links to the execution logs. After that you may delete the old script.



Thanks, but this isn’t a good solution for us. Too many.

This is not a simple task nor is it low risk. Much of the publishing and registration calls made by Toad Data Point are done though API calls and there isn’t any straight forward way in just SQL script to drop and recreate an object under different owner. We can still look into this but I would have to enter a task and schedule the work to be done. I entered QAT-12443 for this but our work load is pretty heavy right now. You will need to already have manage rights on these scripts. Do you?

I have root access as well as manage capability.