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New to TOAD! Want to add %DATEFILE% field to an attachment in Automation designer.

Hello Everyone,

I want to attach a document to the 'Success Confirmation Properties' Window on the automation designer for a query I'm about to run.

One query that runs properly has an attachment where at the end reads "Name of Report %DATEFILE%.xls".

I can not figure out how to get my attachment to say "%DATEFILE%" at the end and this is important as I want

to pull the VARIABLE (or day-by-day) report using %DATEFILE% as opposed to using a unique file such as:

"_Name of Report 4_17_2016"._

If anyone is very familiar with the automation designer and can help me jump this hurdle I would really appreciate it!

In conclusion I will attach Screenshots of the windows I'm referring to

Also, I'm using TOAD for Oracle

Success Confirmation Properties.png