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Newbie question - but used older versions


I tried the video tutorials but nothing worked for me.

How can I track a session and see all the SQL’s it generates? can I log and also see them in real-time?



Thank you ! Please try :

  1. Session Browser->Last T-SQL command batch.

2.Object Explorer->Management->Traces, select a traces and Right click ->Open SQL Profiler

Hope these can help you!

Best Regards,



Thanks for your help.

I followed your instructions but SQL Server Profiler comes up as a grey page - do i need to open a trace file? where would I find it?


Also, is there a way to see all the SQL’s against the database.

I used this product over 10 years ago and can’t navigate my way around with the UI.

Is there a good tutorial for this UI?


When open SQL Server Profiler comes up. we can star an trace. Like attachments.

In Toad, there also has some data, hope can help you.
Object Explorer->Management->Traces, select a traces and Right click ->View Details->Data tab.

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