Toad for SQL Server - Profiler

Is there a profiler built in to Toad for SQL Server at all, at the moment i’m using AnjLab SQL Profiler which is a great bit of kit but would of course love to stay in the toad environment :slight_smile:

you can use some kind of profiler with Activity tab in 5.0. This area was a bit improved in 5.5 and now available as Session Browser (from Tools\Monitor menu). See attached image.


Many thanks Alexander i did have the Beta installed for a little while but went back to version 5.02.612, I’ll wait till v5.5 is on general relase and continue to use the Anjlab profiler.

Out of interest are there any plans to incorporate a dedicated profiler within Toad for SQL Server?

Thanks again


Alexander answered quickly with relevant info

I’ve created ER82205 to discuss this question with team for the next releases.