No "Always Display Constant Line Option"?

In Toad 3.6 and 3.7:

I use constant lines as goal lines in many graphs. In the Chart Wizard, under Axes, there doesn’t seem to be an option to “always display constant line,” the result of which when Visual Range is set to Auto, frequently the constant line doesn’t appear, which is a nuisance, since I always want my customers to see the goal line.

Is there a way to always display the constant line in Auto? If not, can a checkbox be added to the next release in the Constant Line tab such as “Always display constant line”?

Can this be added to the next release, please? I’m on TDP 4.1 now.

This used to be in the Charts as “trend line”. But something changed with the 3rd part control we were using and we never fixed. I have entered QAT-9823 for this. I used to use it too[:(]

we look at this request and there is no true work around the issue.
You can try the following
add a fake select with a fake pair X-axis value and Y-axis value and modify original select something like
Select x_axis_value, y_axis_value from dual
Union all
The y_axis_value should be above the constant line.

Or stick with other work arounds mentioned in this post.