Not able to create cross connection queries


I am trying to create a cross connection query for two excel data souces. In the query builder if I drag and drop a table from one Excel data source, I am not able to add another table from the second excel data source.

Please let me know how to enable this feature. I am using the Toad Data Point 3.4 base edition.

Thank You

In the base edition you cannot join more than one Excel file. For Cross Query in Base we use an Access database and this is a Microsoft limitation. In our Pro version we wrote our own Cross-Query optimizer and we can handle joining two excel files.

Thanks for your response Debbie. I am not even able to join one excel and one oracle table.

the user guide mentions this navigation “Editor -> Cross-Connection SQL Editor.” but this is not present.

Could you please provide and example of a cross query ine the base ediion?

Appreciate your help.

What version are you using? In TDP 3.4 we discontinued the support for Cross-Query in the base edition. You can enable it by selecting the “Alow Heterogeneous queries using Jet engine”. We don’t support it because it is not up to production work. Some people do use it and that is why we didn’t take it out of the product.

Instead I would encourage you to download our trial and try cross-query there. The trial is our pro version.

I did a new install of TDP 3.4 Pro, and am not able to create cross connection query. Even though TDP is connected Oracle, here is the error message:


Go to the directory below.

C:\Users\peter_000\AppData\Local\Quest Software\Toad Data Point Hub Data

Substituting your user for peter_000

Then go into the data folder. Delete the Guardian.lock file. Then restart TDP and local storage. This should solve the problem.