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Toad Data Point - Cross Connection Query Inquiry

Hi all - I'm new to Toad Data Point and have a requirement to query some data from an Oracle table based of a select list of values. This list of values will be imported from an Excel worksheet into TDP which i was planning on joining with the Oracle table to pull all data that matches the values on the Excel worksheet. The values on this Excel spreadsheet changes on a daily basis.

I expect to query roughly 50 rows (based on the Excel values) from the Oracle table (that has well over 20 million rows) on a daily basis. The query results does not need to be instant as the query can be ran overnight, but it still needs to be returned in a timely manner.

I understand that performance may be an issue so i'm not sure if this is the best approach. I do not have write access to the Oracle tables so uploading the 50 values to an Oracle table is not ideal at the moment.

From your experience, what is the best method to resolve my issue? Would Toad Data Point Pro Edition be suitable for my needs (or would a Microsoft product be ideal?!?). I believe only the Pro Edition has the Cross-Connection Query functionality where the base version does not.

I need to know if Toad Data Point Pro Edition has the capabilities of what i'm looking for before i get my organization to pay for this software (we already have the base version available to use).

Would love to hear your thoughts. Much thanks in advance!

Whether pulling in from Excel or bringing your Excel data into a Local Storage table you will need Cross-Connection Query functionality to make this work. We have a number of queries that use Excel as a source for filter data and the Cross-Connection has worked well for this effort.

May I suggest downloading a trial of Toad Data Point Pro, and run through a quick cross-connect query to prove the concept...then you won't be guessing when you purchase.

Thanks! I value your input as it provides me some direction on how to solve my problem!!!

Unfortunately, I need admin rights to download anything on my computer. I thought asking the forum first would provide me quick insight!

Well, if it helps, I connect Oracle, SQL Server, and Excel files all the time in my queries within Toad Data Point Pro. Looks like you have other users that also do similar cross-connect queries involving Excel.