Not able to see user status when Oracle Database Vault is enabled

I am not able to see users account status when connected to the database as Database Vault Owner or Database Vault Account Manager account using Toad, although I am able to successfully run "select account_status from dba_users" on the same section.
Has anybody ever had such scenario?


Can you provide a screen shot of what you are missing?

It sounds like Toad thinks that you don't have privileges to select from the DBA_ views and is selecting from ALL_ instead. ALL_USERS does not have the STATUS column.

That might happen if there is some error when Toad is making its privilege checks immediately after a connection is made.

Try this:

  1. Start Toad but don't make a connection yet.
  2. Go to Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to Screen. This will capture all of Toad's internal SQL.
  3. Now make your connection and go to Schema Browser -> Users, and select a user
  4. Post the Spool SQL output here (or send it to me in a direct message if you prefer)


Please see the Spool SQL output below:

-- Session: XXXXXX
-- Timestamp: 14:20:26.494
Select u., v.
from sys.ALL_USERS u, sys.v_$pwfile_users v
where 1=1
and u.username = v.username(+);


Toad isn't selecting from DBA_USERS. That's the problem. The question is, why.

Please follow my steps again and post the full Spool SQL output. Not just that one query.