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Unable to View User script in TOAD version

I am not able to see the script for the Users for any of the schema of the database while viewing through the “Schema Browser” in TOAD version. Kindly, help me in viewing the script for “Users”.

Navigation steps:

Open a session -> Schema Browser -> Select the object “Users” under the schema -> On the right hand side, click on the “Script” tab -> Nothing is displayed here :frowning:

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Maybe you meant to say it but, you never mentioned selecting the user that you wanted to see the script for. Your steps should be:

  1. Open the schema browser
  2. Switch to object type “Users”
  3. Click on the user that you want a script for
  4. Go to the “Script” tab on the right.
  5. If nothing appears, click the first toolbar button on the script tab. In the dialog that appears, go to the “Users” tab. If the checkbox “Grants on the user’s objects to other users/roles” is checked, uncheck it and click OK.
  6. If you still don’t get a script, maybe you don’t have privileges for that. You can check by clicking Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to screen, click another user to create another script, and see if there are any error messages in the spool SQL output. In the current version, you’d get a popup message like “The SELECT privilege is required on DBA_USERS”, but maybe in an older version that message isn’t showing for some reason.

Step# 5 resolved my problem.

Thank you so much!