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Not able to view Hive table with Avro file format

I have created table in hive stored in avro format, not able to view the data/metadata from Toad Data Point 4.3. I am able to see the table in object explorer. I am using Apache Hive connection and able to see other basic tables and also view data

See below error on select query.

Can't find database object 'XXXXX'

could it be caused by having inadequate permissions to this object? Did you create this table using Toad?

Toad Hive connectivity is read only. I created the table in Apache Hive in hadoop env.
I am also using same userid in toad as i have created in hive.

I see you've opened up a support case. Let's deal with it there. Thanks.

Toad Data Point Hive connector do support table data stored in 'avro' file format, it should be something about the env/data. We are checking it now.

Hi , Please try to remove this hive connection and create a new hive connection .
Then query this table again .

Thanks. I had to specify the Avro schema location and refreshed the connection and it worked.