Not All Records Sent to Local Storage

I have an Oracle query that correctly returns 217,752 records, but when sent to Local Storage only 217,636 records show up. Why would 116 records not be in the table in Local Storage?

This seems very odd unless those rows contain values that will not insert into the Local Storage field datatypes. I would be happy to look into it if you are able to export the 217636 rows to send to me. Or perhaps the 116. I would be interested in the defined datatypes in local storage also.

Are you sending to local storage by right clicking on the data and selecting from there? I’m wondering if you have automated it that you have selected unique items only and the 216 rows are duplication?


Thanks for the responses. Turns out there was a backslash in one of the records, and I am not familiar with MySQL. I didn’t notice any errors until I viewed the Output Window. I was expecting a pop up error. Maybe that might be helpful to others - view the Output Window when sending records to Local Storage. I had to resolve the error by using the Replace function on the offending column, but I was wondering if there was a more global method like NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES. I know the right-click method has some limitations, but maybe this could be put into a future release. Thanks!

I entered QAT-3977 to display number of successful rows and number of error rows. I agree this should be clearer.