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Nulls in Toad Data Point Export as Not Null in Excel Instance


I noticed that when I am exporting from Toad Data Point ( Base Edition) to excel that Null values in Toad were registering at Not Null in Excel. This is a significant issue since users were pivoting and counting off of the data and expected the blank cells the actually be blank.

I tried doing a simple test (select null as test from dual) just to make sure that this was an issue with the export process and the results of this test are consistent.

  • The Trim function in Excel and SQL does not fix the problem
  • Trunc in SQL does fix the problem but cannot be used consistently since some of the fields are datetime
  • Crystal reports correctly recognize and exports the nulls as null to Excel instances
    Is there a setting that I am missing that changes how Nulls get exported?

Thank you


You are in the Toad for Oracle forum. The Data Point forum is here:



Oops sorry I will close and ask there.