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Object Explorer does not display all existing table


We have different test environments in DB2. Object explorer displays one particular table in one environment, but not in the other. Table is created and existing in both environments - we did the query with different tool. Is there a possibility to update or include the table manually to the TOAD object explorer?


You can run that query in a Toad SQL Editor session then export the results to an xls file.

You can post the information I am requesting here on this forum or send it in directly to me at:

Can you give us some additional information?
What DB2 platform and release are you connecting to?
I.E. DB2 on LUW or DB2 on z/OS
What Toad DB2 version and release are you using?
(You can create a Support Bundle via Help - Support Bundle and send that in).
Can you post the DDL of the table that you can see?
Do you have any filters set in the object explorer that might be filtering out the table in one environment? (Can you send in a screen shot of the object explorer where the table is not visible).
Can you run a query to return the information for the table you do not see and the table you see via a query like:
select * from syscat.tables where TABNAME LIKE ‘NAME%’