Configure Object Explorer

I have been searching for the last couple of hour attempting to figure out how to get the aliases tab/option to display in the Object Explorer. I am connecting to a IBM DB2 iSeries database. Our schema has aliases but I cannot seem to find a way to browse/query them. Is there a way to add/remove tabs in the Object Explorer view?

Should be able to pick and choose the tabs within the Toad Options base.
e.g. bring up Options
(hit the Options ribbon bar button or
from the main menu select Tools-> Options)
and then under the Explorer folder,
select the "Objects" page to play with the tab visibility.

Thanks Gary,

I have tried that and have not had any luck - here are a few screen shots:

I have restarted TOAD a few times and rebooted my system -

Any thoughts?



With some help from a colleague comparing setting I was able to figure it out. The problem was that I had the connections set up as IBM DB2 iSeries connections when they should have been IBM DB2 z/OS. Maybe this will help someone else.

Yes, the iSeries implementation is very basic, where the DB2 LUW and DB2 z/OS are much more exploitative.