Object Level Comparison - Toad Data Studio

Is it possible to make table level data comparison? Since the endpoints have different schema configuration and tables, it took forever to compare. I was trying to compare a data in Redshift table with a SQL table.

Without details of what you actually did, it's difficult to assess.

TDS's Data Compare wizard attempts to compare all matching pairs of tables between source and target. Had you cleared out all the mappings and focused on just one pair?
Which column/s were used for comparison?
Any datatype incompatibilities?
LOBs involved?
How many records in each table?
Forever = ??

Even before reaching that stage, the extraction process took forever as you see in the attachment. And it didn't allow me to clear and select just one pair.

May I suggest creating a Support ticket so that Quest can document... there's at least one other platform where TDS is experiencing unusual latency in collecting the metadata in preparation for a data compare...
Support may have seen other customers having the same issues, and they may have a work-around... ALSO, you would be helping the dev teams, as they are looking at re-vamping the way TDS does comparison of data.

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