Cannot see the redshift external table/view structure in Data Compare tool

Hi, I used to use Comparison feature in TOAD Datapoint for SQL Server and Oracle. Now we got the redshift and the tables in the redshift db are external. When i try to map fields in the comparable tables (sql Server source to Redshift target) the redshift side of the comparison comes up empty.
I tried creating the view based on the table hoping that the view would show the fields in mapping screen. But neither table, nor view can be mapped to sql server table.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

This might be an enhancement request, if tables are external.

Nevertheless, what how are you connecting to Redshift? in TDP? Via the Redshift connector? Postgres connector? ODBC? I"d guess you're using the Redshift connector, but if connecting using the other methods, it's possible that these could be a contributing factor to not seeing certain meta-data.

Possible work-arounds...

  • Can you access the external file directly? Maybe you can compare against the actual external file.
  • Export the Redshift table to a flat (or export type of your choice) and perform the compare against the exported data.

Hi! Thank you for the reply! i am connecting via ODBC. The comparison is between sql server table and (almost) identical redshift external table. Right now, we have custom python framework where we do export the data on both source and target. I just kept the hope that i could use TOAD DP Compare feature to create DCP files and use them for this ETL automation.
Oh well... maybe Quest would consider looking into this.
Thanks again!

Yup, there may be an issue with ODBC, especially (I suspect) when something like external tables are involved.

Just curious... are you connecting via a driver with TDP's RedShift connector panel, or with the generic ODBC connector?