Object Palette filters

Where can I find samples of the filters on the object names?
The documentation doesn’t have them.

My understanding that the filters could be very powerful and useful.


Whe you open up the filter editor there is a help link at the bottom right.
You can experiment a lot with the first tab and what is in the grid. On some databases i like to filter out all schemas that don’t own objects That is at the bottom of the grid.
For filtering object names experment with the top two entries lines: Search string and search condition. Then go to the SQL tab and you can see how the where condition is built. To add advanced filtering select the “enable custom filterig” and write your own where codition. You can have several named filters.
If you need assistance for a specific filter let us know and we can help you build.


I am confused.

Let’s say I want to filter table names.

The filter window title says: Filter List of Tables

The filter window shows 2 tabs: Properties and Preview.

My problem is that I don’t see the SQL tab and the “enable custom filtering” option.



I forgot to mention that my version of Toad for Data Analysis is

Looking at the following screencast:

I see that the filter window has 2 tabs:

  • Properies
  • SQL

Is it a version related issue on my machine?


Hmm… that’s an old screencast. Try this one (http://tda.inside.quest.com/pageloader.jspa?sbinPageName=screencast_demo.htm) and click on the Database Browser chapter on the left.


See attached screen shots and see if this helps.


See attached screen shots and see if this helps.


Thanks for the screenshots!

I definitely see 2 discrepancies with the version installed on my machine.

  • Filter window has different title.
  • SQL tab is missing.

Again, my Toad for Data Analysis version is

Please advise.

Yitzhak Khabinsky

What type of connection are you using? It looks like this tab is not abailable for ODBC and MySQL connections.

I am using 2 types of connections:

  1. AS/400 DB2 V5R2 via ODBC.
  2. MS Access 2003 via native Toad connection.

In both cases I don’t have an SQL tab.


Neither of those connection types have this feature. I have created CR224884 to add this type of filter. The simple CONTAINS, etc type filter on the first page should still work for simple filters.

Our AS/400 DB2 environment has thousands tables and views in each library (schema). To work in such vast database environment, filters are veru useful.

Overall, it is a good idea to add more native support for IBM AS/400 DB2 database for Toad for Data Analysis. Usually, AS/400 DB2 is a most under-served environment with no ERD diagram in place, invisible referencial integrity, implied relationships, and cryptic table and column names because of the 8 chars. name length limitation.

So Toad for Data Analysis is a great software for un-earthing truths for AS/400 DB2 environment.


Thanks. I added that info to the change request.