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Is the object selection disabled in the VCS Edit Object Filters dialog for tables?

In Toad for Oracle, select Team Coding -> Configuration -> Team Projects -> Database Objects, from there I can click the Edit Object Filters icon, three dots; for some object types like procedures and functions I can click the DB Filter option and add a subset of objects for other object types, tables and /or indexes the DB Filter option is disabled. Is this the expected behavior and can it be changed via a setting in Toad.

I would like to create a project that contains a couple of tables and some related functions and procedures, I don’t want every table in the schema.

I am using GIT as the source control provider.

Hey John,

The “Add Filter from DB” button in the object filters window only applies to PL/SQL object types, similar to the editor’s “Load object from database” button. In fact, it uses that same search window.

To accomplish what you’re looking for, I would delete the “%” filter from the included list (using the delete key), and then add the names of the specific table objects you wish to control. I’ve attached an example here (including “TABLE1”, "TABLE2’, and “TABLE3”, as well as any tables starting with “DEV_%”).