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Opening an existing sql file with SQL Editor is so slow


Why does it take so long to open an existing .sql file in SQL Editor?
It can take a minute or longer.
The database connection is already open.
What is TDP doing?


It is parsing the text to apply highlighting, collapse-able regions, etc. You can turn off some of these features. In the script map window you can turn off all of the types of sql statements. In options under Editor there also more items to turn off such as information pop-ups.

If you are on older version, then you should also upgrade as we made some improvements.
Another idea is to change your large script size to something smaller. If you set the value to smaller than the size of your script you will automatically turn off all of these parsing items and you will see a banner on the right side vertically saying large script mode.

And finally, the default option is to open a new connection for every editor. So even if you have already connected a new connection IS opened each time you open a new editor. You can change this option in Editor | General | Use individual connection for each ope editor. Keep in mind that any paused queries in one editor might hold up the other one. It really depends on how the database type you use shares connections and executes SQL.