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The sql editor slows down significantly in 6.8


I have a sql file that I am working on, it has about 250 lines, and some of the lines are wide (the longest line has 280 chars, it contains a big string).

The sql editor slowed so much down that it almost became unusable. Actually I gave up and I switched back to Toad 6.7. The editor is slow in 6.7 as well…

The file contains exec statements of stored procedures.

*** Big Sigh ***

I started to look for a Toad replacement. I am sorry. I might continue paying for maintenance, but I will use another tool for editing sql and running queries.

I don’t understand what’s going on with this product. I am a software developer myself and I don’t get it.



Hi Costa

Sorry to make you unconvenience.

Could you pls provide your example sql file to us and help us to improve editor performance?


It has been a while and I actually stopped using 6.8 around that time. I switched back to 6.7.

Anyway, at that time I discovered that if I restarted Toad it was all good for a little while, and then the performance gradually degraded. I have the habit of leaving the editor open for days or weeks. Eventually it got unusable, where I typed a letter and it took some time until it showed up on the screen. Of course I ruled out the CPU impact - typing in Notepad was fine.

Unfortunately I cannot send you our code due to privacy issues. But there is nothing that can stop you from creating yourself a sql script file with the dimensions I suggested in my message (~250 lines with a few big lines of 280 characters). As I said the performance degrades in time. So you’d have to use toad for little while. If you can automate scripts that can simulate keystrokes that would be even better. You can create such a script that keeps adding queries to the sql editor and keeps typing to simulate a human.

One thing is for sure, I stopped using 6.8, I never went back to it, and I am waiting for the next version and hoping that you guys improved it for real.

I renewed the support for now but if it continues like this, I am not going to renew next year.