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Option problem: Desktop SQL o PLSQL

Toad (64b) Windows 10 (64b)

Good day !
In the program edition screen It is not respecting what I have configured for the "Desktop SQL" Option. When I change tab to modify a function or procedure (extension fnc or prc) that is configured as "Desktop PLSQL"

That happens when I hit the window "Pop-out Windows"

Configuration of "Desktop SQL":
DataGrid and other windows are docked

Configuration of "Desktop PLSQL":
DataGrid and other windows are undocked

I think I understand what you're saying or I found something else in the process, but is this what you are reporting? When loading a prc (or fnc) file that should set the PL/SQL desktop, the actual desktop loaded is for SQL?

Sometimes it comes out as you say and sometimes the opposite.
(An fnc, prc, etc file is shown in the SQL view and sometimes a .sql file is seen in the PLSQL view)

Good evening !
I have been able to reproduce the problem:

Step 1: Open several "sql" and "plsql" files in several tabs of the same editor
Step 2: Open a PLSQL file (Example procedure.prc)
Step 3: Move the last tab and place it on the left. Until now everything is correct.
Step 4: Go to any "sql" tab and the "Desktop SQL" will have been deconfigured

Screens with configuration other than DESKTOP SQL and PLSQL

Screens showing the deconfiguration of DESKTOP SQL

Good day !
Could you replicate the problem?

Yes. I will log it.