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Option "Save model as" is missing in TDM 6.3.2



I installed trial version of TDM 6.3.2 and started creating some DM. Initially I saw save model as lateron “Save Model as” option is missing, instead I could see “Export Model As”. Could you please help me how to find “Save Model As” option.

I want this option to save my model whenever I modify/add the models to generate alter script.

Thanks !!




Can you confirm that this model is in project? When you have model in Project you are not able to save it to different location from project folder or subfolder. So this is case when Save As is not in Main Menu. You can use Export as, but it is create copy of your model(origin model is in project), in this case you can choose any location.



Yes, this model is within the project. I am clear by using “Export Model as”

Thanks !!