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version manager or manual saving of different versions in a folder


I have just started using Toad Data modeler(3.4.16) this afternoon. I am trying to figure the best way to save models and then capture the differences between them and create the alter scripts.

One way of doing it is saving the first datamodel with version 1.0 extension file and the second model as version 1.1 extension file in a local directory.

Then, I can open both models in toad and then use the syn and convert wizard to generate alter scripts.

I think version manager is a better way of doing things. But, I am unable to figure out the checkin/checkout , the way it is implemented in Toad Data Modeler.

can someone tell me the right way of using version manager?



Let me reply.

Hard to say what is the best way. It depends. Either you can have models in TDM with different names and compare them (no need to open both models, no need to check out/in) or you can keep track of the model versions in Version Manager. You can try both ways and decide what is more comfortable for you.

Version Manager is available only in Expert mode. To enable Expert Mode, select Settings | Options | General | select the Expert Mode checkbox.
You can open Version Manager either via the icon on the toolbar or in the Tools menu.

Flash movie on how to work in VM:

Important note - if you decide to work with VM: I see you are using v. 3.4.16. When you open the Sync & Convert Wizard and are selecting the Left Model and Right Model, the model version numbers of VM are not displayed. So, it is difficult to consider which model is which. We fixed this in TDM BETA. So, I recommend you to download the Beta and check it out there.

You can install Beta on the same PC. Beta uses different config and other files.

If you come across any trouble, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team