How do you share a project/model? TXL file not a TDM file??

Hello. I am using Toad Data Modeler for a class and I was asked to submit my model to the instructor. I can see a TDM document but it is very small and I assume does not include everything in order to open my model on another computer. The instructor said they needed a TXL file. How can I, from Toad, save a TXL file? Why in this day in age is something so basic so difficult?

Thanks for help and sorry for the basic issue post.




I assume you talk about TDM project file, when you write “TDM document”. Project file already contains only links to models. Models are located on same location as project or in some subfolder( It is dependet on location in TDM project).

Another way how to get model file from project is use “Export As” from popup menu of model item in Project tree(Application View window).