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Option to apply workaround for BINARY XMLTYPE in the Editor?


Hi Quest,

as the problem described in Access violation at address 000007FEC897C8BA in module ‘oraclient12.dll’. Read of address 0000000000000010 does break the very user friendly feature of an “edit query” (that shortcut syntax for select tbl.rowid,… from table tbl)), I wondered if it is at all possible to safely select such columns automatically in the editor. As in altering a given statement before sending it to the OCI dll, like the Data tab in SB does. You would need to know, that e.g. a “select * from sometablewithxmltype” will query a binary xmltype column at query runtime, though. I know that it would be resource intensive and somewhat slow, but maybe you already parse the data dictionary anyway and could use that information to identify and rewrite these queries?! Editing XMLTYPE columns directly via OCI is currently not possible anyway, so it would just be nice if Toad would at least not provoke the exception in the OCI dll.

Thanks and cheers,