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Option to Turn of Default Feature of Automatically Expanding Params, Types and Declarations When Navigating Through a Package

In Schema Browser when selecting a proc on the left hand side then moving the cursor to the right hand side to look/scroll through the proc, the left hand side automatically opens Parameters, Types, Declaration sections.

Is there a method to NOT automatically open Parameters, Types, Declaration sections on the left hand side when clicking between PROCEDURE and BEGIN on the right hand side?

The left hand side pane is useful to see all the procs in a package and navigate quickly between them. When the Parameters, Types, Declaration sections automatically open you are unable to see the procs. We are constantly closing these in order to see all the procs in a package.

For example, you are searching for a variable in a package with 20 procs and it is found in 5 of the procs. As soon as the variable is found in a proc, you don’t know which procs have already been checked (because you cannot see them). Then you have to manually close each of the 5 procs in order to continue with navigating between procs on the left pane.

In my opinion, it is more important to see ALL procs in a package (highlighting the proc your cursor is on).

Perhaps this default feature can have the option of being turned off.

If anyone else has this same challenge, please let us know. Thank you!