Oracle Enterprise Mngr - any way to get reports of job history?

We use Oracle Enterprise Manager(OEM) to run lots of jobs: refresh tables, take exports, kick off scripts for batch jobs, etc.

What I want is a more automagic way to keep track of the outcomes, dates and times of each of the jobs and all sub-tasks that make up a job. Right now I keep screen shots or copy-paste text from each screen into something like MSWord/MSExcel. Comparing how long it took a job and each sub-task to complete gets really burdensome really fast after a few days.

Anybody figured out where all the info lives inside OEM repository and written any reports against that data? Surely I’m not the only one having to do this?

03-24-2011 16-48-27.pdf (196 KB)

Use Toad to trace your OEM session running a very small job, then look at the
trace file in the trace file browser. You should be able to find which tables
Oracle is inserting into, then go to that table in Toad and check the
‘used by’ tab for views of interest.