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Oracle to SQL Server


Hi All,

I don’t know if I am posting it on a right forum but here’s my question for you guys:
I want to export oracle database into SQL Server. How can I accomplish that?

I will be good even if I am able generate SQL scripts of the tables.




click File | Sync and Convert | Sync and Convert Wizard…
or File | Sync and Convert | Simple Model Conversion…

If you want to convert Oracle database structure to SQL Server model, the conversion will correctly convert tables and data types and also sequences/identities. Code of stored procedures and other database specific items can be automatically commented out.




I did a migration of a CRM database based on oracle to ms sql server using the tool

Oracle2MSSQL by Intelligent Converters

It is very powerful an comfortable, yet it needs some time to do it’s work. I think it took about 30min to migrate ca. 200.000 rows of data.
But it can migrate

  • data
  • contraints
  • foreign keys
  • indexes