Need to copy a Oracle DB to SQLServer.

We are getting ready to retire an Oracle Database running on a Unix system. Just as we were about to pull the plug, our company finds itself in a litigation that prevents us from losing any of our legacy data. We would like to copy the databases from Oracle to MS SQL and then kill the lease on the Unix boxes. There are many, many tables, so we would like a tool that does it all. Functions and procedures would be nice, but we can live without those as long as we have the data.

Any recommendations on a Software that will read an entire Oracle Database and recreate on a MS SQL environment?

I believe you can find a few on Google.
I can’t advertise any of those tools, so I can share how I do it myself:
first of all I will generate tables and constraints script and then replace datatypes carefully to the similar ones in MS SQL Server. Once we have your tables/constraints are converted to MS SQL Server - go ahead and create database. Now we can easily transfer all of our data with using Data Compare in Toad for Data Analysts (This is a multi-platform edition of Toad so you will be able to connect to Oracle and MS SQL Server).