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Output too large for Excel, other options?


The results of my query exceed the Excel (2003) 65K row limit. Migrating to Excel 2007 is not an option - but is there a way to send the output as a text file? If so, how can I also use the | symbol as my delimiter?


Use the Export Wizard (Tools->Export Wizard)
In the output format use “Delimited Text”
Set your column delimiter to the desired character


I am trying to save the current query results, and when I use the Export Wizard…that’s not one of the export “types” to choose from. I must be doing something wrong…

My workaround: I have put an OUTPUT TO stmt along with a DELIMITED BY | parameter after ending my SELECT stmt. But I’d like to know if Toad for Data Analysis can do this.


I should amend my earlier workaround note: After the query finishes, I right-mouse inside the query results and select the Export Wizard from there. This gives me the chance to select the Delimiter character and select the location for the file.
But I’d like to automate this task if possible.


see attached screenshot. The Export Wizard is available off of the tools menu and should allow you to set the column delimiter to your choice when using Delmited Text type.



You will be able to automate this using version 2.0 when it’s available, or if you wish, you can try our 2.0 beta release right now.


Aha! Thanks!